UPSC Coaching With MBA Degree at Tathastu ICS

UPSC Coaching

Tathastu ICS’ UPSC Coaching with MBA Degree program provides Civil Service aspirants a unique foundation program, giving them an MBA degree during their preparation. Led by experienced faculty and mentors, this course provides students with an ideal platform to build careers in public service and administration.


Tathastu ICS offers an innovative BA+UPSC COACHING program, which enables students to simultaneously complete both coursework for both an undergraduate degree and civil services exam preparation. Their daily classes/lectures, tests and mentoring services are offered both online and at their campus in Old Rajinder Nagar in Delhi.

This institute boasts an excellent track record in helping its students become successful civil services exam applicants. Their team of experienced faculty members provides excellent instruction, while there’s also one-on-one guidance and an innovative mentorship program available to students to overcome any hurdles they might come across during preparation for their exam journey.

Tathastu ICS also assists aspirants with selecting optional subjects for UPSC mains exams – an essential decision which could determine their chances of success or otherwise. Tathastu ICS helps aspirants assess their strengths and weaknesses before offering guidance in selecting an optional subject appropriate to them.

Students studying for the civil service exam but needing a graduation degree simultaneously can utilize this course as an ideal solution. It gives students flexibility in earning their degrees while they prepare for IAS examination, potentially improving job prospects and increasing chances of securing higher ranks during final examination. Plus, Dr. Tanu Jain, an ex-bureaucrat herself endorses it to add credibility and real world relevance.


This institute not only offers UPSC coaching but also provides bachelor’s degrees. Their courses cover the IAS syllabus in depth and prepare students for both prelims and mains exams. Their success rate has been quite remarkable – many alumni now hold positions within civil services due to this coaching institute’s systematic organization of study materials for this exam.

This online IAS coaching academy is an accessible and cost-effective solution for students unable to attend full-time classes in Delhi. Offering current affairs coaching videos in both Hindi and English medium, flexible time schedule, it is perfect for working professionals and homemakers who wish to complete their UPSC preparation without leaving home or spending a lot of money for coaching in Delhi.

Tathastu ICS’ MBA+UPSC coaching course is an innovative and integrated program, providing both UPSC preparation as well as a master’s degree. Led by former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain, an invaluable source of guidance and real-world perspective can be gained by enrolling. Furthermore, Mangalayatan University gives this degree added credibility while it also features mentorship services and IAS class notes packages that make this an ideal option for civil servant candidates aspiring for advancement.


Internet technology is revolutionizing many industries, such as UPSC coaching. Formerly, aspirants had to travel to cities like Delhi to attend top IAS coaching institutes; now online courses allow students from anywhere to access quality education – some classes even feature interactive quizzes and videos! Plus live streaming to allow questions during class as well as remote feedback on tests and exams!

An important question for aspirants of civil services exams is whether their coach can effectively prepare them. A good IAS coaching center will have a well-defined philosophy on this process and proven success record; additionally, flexible study options should be made available so as to accommodate students’ busy lives.

Tathastu ICS’ MA+UPSC program is an innovative and comprehensive master’s degree training with UPSC preparation program that integrates master’s degree training with UPSC preparation. Experienced mentors such as former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain offer invaluable insights and guidance, with its focus on holistic learning and analytical skills set apart from other UPSC coaching programs. In addition, Tathastu’s program offers mock exams which closely replicate UPSC patterns so students can practice and gain confidence before the actual examination takes place.


Tathastu ICS’ PHILANTHROPICS+UPSC COACHING program offers students who wish to sit the Civil Services Exam without tuition fees an ideal solution. Through this unique partnership between philanthropy and education, these aspirational students gain access to quality education without financial barriers that otherwise limit them.

Tathastu ICS’ UPSC coaching is comprehensive and covers every aspect of the exam. Classroom lectures and study material such as textbooks, extra notes and practice questions are offered alongside mock tests that help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as personalized attention from mentors like Dr. Tanu Jain herself through her Sure 100 batches.

Students will also gain access to online resources and interact with fellow students via chat rooms. Classes will also be recorded so they can watch them back later for review of lessons learned. Finally, live classes via Telegram provide live classroom teaching by teachers as they work towards helping their students clear exams and secure employment in their dream career.

The Indian Civil Service Foundation Course provides young students with an introduction to Indian civil service careers and exams. Students develop public speaking abilities while also receiving all the knowledge needed for success in competitive Civil Services examinations. In addition, debate sessions and leadership activities help prepare participants for interviews.