Why Should We Choose to Study Math Online?


Are you worried about this question? Is study math online good or not for the student?. When they decide to study AIME math online, several students and parents think of online tuition for math subjects. Moreover, we know that learning mathematics is like learning a second language for students. So, many students are fearful about this subject when they do not understand the math subject properly.

Besides, the parents are also scared and want to avoid getting their children tutored in physical tuition after the pandemic. Moreover, students also want to learn mathematics subjects in their favorite places or location.

Some Pros of Studying Math Online –

Here we will share some advantages that students will get when studying math online. These advantages are all provided by online tutoring platforms like cuemath.


The students have learned to manage their time efficiently because they can study math online at home or own place. Moreover, by taking an online class, the student can use the safe time for the other work. Besides, students grow and improve their time management abilities by studying online tuition.

2 Less in Cost

The main part you should know is that when you choose online learning, you can save your money easily because it takes affordable and provides the best facilities to the student. In online classes, parents are free to give up their travel expenses and can secure the money.

The best part of this online learning compared to traditional tuition classes is that we see there can be less competition, making students more relaxed.

3 Learn with the Best Tutors

When the student chooses the study math online tuition, they can learn the mathematical subject from the top of the best math tutor in your appropriate place at a reasonable cost. In addition, to meet your favorite, best, and most experienced teachers for learning math, students need to choose online study math because they give the best techniques and simple tips to solve math problems.

4 Get Feedback

As we know that if the child is going to school or physical tuition, then parents want regular feedback on the child so they can see their progress, but it is not possible in physical tuition questions because there are more than 20, 25, or 30 of the children who are studying there. So, in this, you will choose the online tuition for maths because they provide the feedback through emails or in a live session to the parents or students. Moreover, they also share the weaknesses and strengths of the student.

5 Learn Math with Fun

Students learn maths with fun in the online tuition class. They solve live quizzes, test papers, assignments, and more things. Moreover, online maths tuition will give amazing tricks, techniques, and unique styles to solve a maths problem easily.

About Rectangular Prism

In geometry, the second name of a rectangular prism is cuboid. In addition, we can define it as a 3-dimensional solid shape with 6 faces. An example of a rectangle shape prism is a truck, aquarium, chest of drawers, etc.
It has two types, a right rectangular prism, and a nonrectangular prism.

Here we share some properties of a rectangular prism.

1. It has eight varieties, six faces, and 12 sides.

2. The opposite faces of a rectangular prism are equal.

3. It has a rectangular cross-section.

The volume of a rectangular prism formula –

The volume of a rectangular prism is = length × width × height cube units.

Example: Find the surface area of a rectangular prism, where the length, width, and height are 3 cm, 5cm, and 4cm, respectively.


Length, l = 3cm

Width w = 5cm

Height h = 4cm

To find the area of a rectangular prism is,

A = 2(LH + wh + lw)

A =2(3*4+5*4+3*5)




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