How to Design Great Looking & Unique Lipstick Boxes? 6 Easy Tips

lipstick boxes

Lipstick is a cosmetic product that is a necessity. Many ladies cannot stay without it. There are many colors available that help the lips look more beautiful and amazing. Due to its popularity, there are even many brands creating their lipstick. These are usually put in one place in a store. They need to stand out to attract shoppers towards them. People buy those things that are of quality. They can be attracted towards a lipstick brand with the help of high-quality and unique lipstick boxes.

The following are 6 simple tips that will help you design packaging of lipstick that will allure potential buyers towards it:

1.    Keep the Customer in Mind

If you want the packaging to appeal to those people who will consider buying the product, you need to know some details about these individuals. If you know these, you can then make boxes that they will be drawn towards. It is important to know the age range, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. of the consumer base. With lipstick, females are the ones who often buy the product. Kids, teenagers, ladies, elderly, all wear it. A brand may have made some sensitive lipstick for girls. The packaging for this will be fun, colorful, and have images of cartoon characters printed on it. Packaging for ladies will be more decent, sophisticated, chic, and elegant. It will easily let ladies know the important points about the product.

2.    Choose Good-Quality Material

If you want to give a valuable impression with lipstick boxes, you need to make them strong. If the box is made with good-quality material, consumers will think that the product is like this as well. If the box is breaking, people will get a bad impression of your business.

You need to choose a packaging material that will be good for the lipstick. It should keep it safe from any external influences and chemicals. Materials that you can think about getting include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These will keep your lipstick safe as they are strong.

Another way to impress shoppers is by showing them that you care about the environment. Many consumers are looking for brands like this as they are more aware of what careless human practices are having on the environment. When a brand chooses “green” packaging materials for lipstick box packaging, it will show itself as being a responsible and sensible one. It will be limiting its carbon footprint and helping customers do this as well.

3.    Let People know About the Lipstick

Lipstick packaging should be used to market your product. You should tell people all about it. When these points are known, consumers can consider whether they want to buy the lipstick or not. You have to find out what is needed to be included in the box. It is important to add these details carefully. You have to choose a good font of the perfect size and color. It should be readable. Only include points that are needed if you want the packaging to be simple to understand.

With lipstick, you may have to state the color, ingredients, when to use till, how to store, warnings, quantity, etc. These all help customers consider whether they want the product or not. You need to let individuals know why your lipstick should be chosen rather than that of the competition. For this, it is necessary to state the special features of your product. These will convince shoppers to want to try it out.

Any point you add here must be truthful. You can be penalized otherwise and lose customers. If your lipstick is made from some amazing ingredients that are good for the lips, state this point. If it has been dermatologically tested, you must let shoppers know about this.

4.    Let the Product be Seen

With lipstick, customers need to see the product before buying it. You can consider having window lipstick box packaging here. The box will have a transparent window that will allow people to view the lipstick by themselves. It will make them more confident in wanting to buy it when they have seen it for themselves. If you do not have a window box and no testers, people will probably open the packaging to have a look at the color of the lipstick. This can harm packaging and pose a risk to the product.

5.    Trends in Lipstick Packaging

If you consider lipstick packaging trends you can get some idea of what the competition is doing. You need to know what is failing and what is succeeding. You will get some helpful ideas if you do your research. For example, the minimalist trend is popular. It keeps the design simple and it is easy for people to understand the packaging.

6.    Right Size Boxes

If you want to get the best packaging, the boxes must be the right size. Only then will the product be kept safe in them. You will also be saving money as you will not be wasting it on material that is not needed and on extra transportation costs. If the box is too big consumers will get the wrong impression of the product. It can move around inside and get damaged as well. Small boxes can break.

Lipstick boxes are indeed an important part of the overall product. The business that does not focus on this part of the merchandise will not succeed. Packaging is often the first impression you will give to shoppers of the brand and product. If you are not able to give a good impression, you can lose people who need the product. Get boxes that are strong and which will not break. Choose the right designs, colors, etc. to add to the box. Colors can give different feelings to people and you need to know which ones will help increase sales.