Top Leading Must-Visit Cities in Asia 

Cities in Asia

Being the world’s largest continent, Asia has much to explore. This incredible place has a plethora of countries and all are worth having concerning voyages. Every other region has some uniqueness to offer you and to make you cheerful. This amazing continent has a vast history, since being considered the oldest place to live. The foremost ancient world, in the Stone Age, had only one dry land and that was the combination of both Africa and Asia. Later on, further landscapes were discovered, and yet the last ones too namely South and North America. Since, Asia has everything a traveler love to see, from green landmark to the highest mountains, and from the top most crowded cities to the cold desert areas. You will find multiple regions in this single place. But if we talk about the food to eat, you will have plenty of varieties like the full aromatic Chinese Food to the highly spiced Indian Rice, Asia is largely famous for the food made by its locals. 

Asia is not only known for its alluring cities and astonishing landmarks but also well known for multiple unique local languages. Each place is an example of itself and gives you breathtaking sightseeing. The topmost incredible cities include Bangkok, Tokyo, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bengaluru, Agra, Jaipur, etc. Each city reflects its own distinctive culture and tradition with a never-ending impression of its remarkable history. You can have a better understanding by reading the below-mentioned detailed paragraphs.

1- Kuala Lumper 

Being the capital of Malaysia, and a top tourist destination, this city is the top-focused central travel attraction place containing various and diverse ranges of multicultural landmarks plus architectural designs which showcase the historical reflections plus the contemporary modern civilization of the city area. Being the Muslim central spot, you will find various cultural mosques and other religious points which reveal Muslim civilizations and their viewpoints. Going parallel with the modern world, this city exhibits some advanced skyscrapers like the Petronas Twin Towers which catch the traveler’s eye and make this city the central tourist attraction in the globe. You can have a direct visit with Air Arabia Promo Code.

2- Islamabad 

Being the gorgeous and breathtaking views of containing the capital city of Pakistan, you will find natural sceneries, a peaceful ambiance, and high quality of life in this incredible city. This is the city of captivating views, beautiful high-top hill visions, world-class nightlives, and a lot more. You will find a noise-free and dust-free environment with super relaxing nights and daydreaming life. Every Pakistani love to live in this super calming city of Asia. 

3- Cairo 

This city is recognizable all over the world just because of its remarkable history. You will find one of the 7 wonders of the world in this incredible city namely the Pyramids of Giza. Another oldest and biggest statue of the Sphinx is found over here which is the center spot of traveler’s attractions nowadays. Moreover, you will get astonished to see this city’s historical culture, unique lifestyle, spoken languages, and traditions to explore. The food of Cairo is also a must to taste at least once in your lifetime. Just don’t sit and think, have a direct tour of this farfetched city with Air Arabia Coupon Code.


Asia is one of the top most incredible continents one must have to visit in his lifetime. Since this land area has much to offer you in terms of the super delicious diverse variety of food, the varied breathtaking sight-seeing, variable different cultures, and endless history reflections which help you have lifelong remarkable memories in the eyes of your phone cameras.