6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Have an Accountant


Whether you’re a newly opened owner sole proprietorship or a well-known business that has been running for decades, having access to expert accounting services can help significantly add value to your company.

Accountants work for your best interests, by providing you with valuable information and insight from their experience with other clients in the same industry. They can also suggest ways to grow your business and to save precious time and money.

Here are six reasons why hiring an accountant is essential for every business.

Helps Improve Cash Flow

Without proper control and management of your cash flow, it can become impossible to make crucial decisions to run and grow your business. Even a highly profitable business can collapse without cash flow management.

A professional accountant can help you put good credit control and cash management policies in place so all the funds and information regarding it are available to you.

Reduces Your Workload

In addition to helping you save money, an accountant can reduce your workload and free up tons of your time that would be spent on compliance, tax, and bookkeeping. As your business continues to grow, its finances will become more complex, requiring an accountant, so it’s better to start early.

They can manage operations by suggesting process improvements, handling tax obligations, and implementing software to help you automate processes and save time.

Provides Valuable Business Advice

Running a business without knowing how to handle the ins and outs of its financial aspects is impossible, especially when starting out, finances are the most important factor. 

You’ll need professional advice on your company’s legal structure and when forecasting its cash flow to just name a few. Once it’s up and running, you will need an expert to guide you in the right direction.

Keeps You Ahead of Regulations

An accountant, similar to a lawyer or software engineer, must keep up with emerging trends and changes in laws and regulations regularly. An experienced accountant also knows the problems a business faces at different stages of its growth.

With expert analytics and presentation skills, an accountant can easily make you visualize major issues that businesses may face due to new regulations, trend changes, and economic uncertainties.

Reviews Financial Information Every Month

Reviewing accurate financial details every month is a vital task, most crucial for up-and-coming businesses. Without an in-house accountant, you will still be able to review, prepare, and clean up your financial statements at the year-end.

But, by doing so, you’ll have missed out on highly valuable financial information throughout the year. Accountants don’t only do taxes; they help answer operational questions about things like how much inventory you should buy and whether to buy a costly new machine or not.

Helps You Avoid an Audit

Instead of having to call an accountant once you get notification of an IRS audit, avoid being selected for an audit in the first place by hiring an accountant early. Accountants are aware of what can trigger an audit and will help you prepare errorless tax returns.

In case an audit happens anyway, having well-prepared historical and current financial statements will save you a lot of time and hassle.